Downloading EssentialFax for Windows

For Windows 7, Vista or XP

Download Standard Version

The file you are downloading is essfaxsetup.exe, an installation program for use on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.

For Windows 8 or 10 Desktop

Download Windows 8 and above version

The file you are downloading is essfaxw8w10setup.exe, an installation program for use on Windows 8 or above (desktop).

Downloading and installing the trial version of EssentialFax

Choose the download that matches your version of Windows above, and click the link to download it to your computer.  (The same installation program will work for both 32-bit or 64-bit editions of Windows)

Once you have downloaded the installation program to your computer, running it will install EssentialFax on your computer.  The installation program will place a program icon for EssentialFax on your desktop, and also create a special "virtual printer" so you can create faxes by "printing" from Windows programs. To start the program, simply click the program icon.

Things you need to know:

Technical requirements, version information